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My name is Vest and Tyler and I like Video Games™

Vest and Tyler began producing in 2015, experimenting with the music genre that interested him most; video game soundtracks. Having been inspired by such classics as The Legend of Zelda, Sonic, Super Mario, and many others, VnT began cultivating a hybrid of traditional EDM and new age Chiptune

After the monumental success of his debut album, "GLiTCH," VnT continued to adapt and evolve his sound with a series of releases, including "JoyStix," "MultiPlayer," and "Nitro!" His sound and energy have been compared to well-known EDM/Glitch artists such as Tokyo Machine, Pegboard Nerds, and Nitro Fun.

Vest And Tyler is particularly known for his high-energy performances and onstage antics. With rapid beats and non-stop action, Vest and Tyler cultivates a pounding heartbeat and united energy to entire crowds at a time. With the help of his Gameboy Color, he adds a unique live-action element to his performances, delivering a new show every time he takes the stage.



For questions, bookings, collabs, promos and other inquiries leave a fricken message :)